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… in which we not only observe a milestone in our presence on the wonderful Midwest Music Foundation website, but another important event took place on the day of the recording: Chris Haghirian’s birthday.  As such, he was given complete and total autonomy over the content of this week’s podcast – and the result is […]

… in which Chris and Michael provide a lot of music, and they talk a lot, and they play more music, and they laugh at themselves, and they say hello to Bill Brownlee. And Chris may or may not hint at what’s coming up next week.  It’s a big show, you know. show99 Theme: Aphex […]

… in which the far-reaching sounds of local and internation music share the stage.  The guys also decide to take this time, in light of the recently-concluded Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee, to demonstrate their abilities to completely mess up perfectly good words and names.  It’s a skill, like anything else. show98 (Theme: Boards of Canada – […]

… in which we say thank-you to a new record label sending a truck full of music to our area – music that was snapped up with great haste.  A look at more music coming our way, and we’ll see if Michael can stay awake after a very busy and “cinematic” weekend. show97 Theme: Jorge […]